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Winter Garrison


“No Snow Balls are to be thrown in the Fort by any person whatever."

-Major James Clephane, Commandant Fort Stanwix, January 8, 1759




During the winter season, the British redcoat could have found himself in quarters among the towns and villages of the colonies or at one of the many frontier outposts guarding against a surprise attack from the French and their Native American allies.  During the winters of 1757, 1758, and 1759 the 55th Regiment found themselves in the vicinity of Albany.  After the conquest of Canada in 1760, the bulk of the 55th was assigned garrison duty at Fort Ontario where the Oswego River empties into Lake Ontario.  Yet, some companiers and detachments were posted to Crown Point, Fort Brewerton and Fort Edward, and again at Albany.

The Recreated 55th Regt, Compy. of Light Infantry interprets year round, in the winter months, we go upon scouts as well as host a Winter Garrison event.  In the past we have attended or held winter garrrison events at Fort Michilimackinac and Heritage Hill State Historical Park.  The current site for our Winter Garrison Weekend is the Northwest Company Fur Post in Pine City, MN.  Our Winter Garrison Weekend is not open to the public and is juried or invitation only.  During the weekend those in attendance are expected to keep in character.  This gives us the ability to practice our first person interpretation to better our interpretation at public events, and for those looking to step back in time, it allows them an opportunity to do so.





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