Followers of the 55th


of The 55th Regt., Compy. of Light Infantry

Photo by Karen Garland


	Women and children who are attached to the soldiers of the light infantry company are welcomed and encouraged to 
participate with the unit, but must stay in costume at all times, and will be held to as strict historical guidelines as the soldiers. 
Any woman or campfollower with questions regarding clothing, or a campfollowers role in the military, should visit the 
44th Regiment’s Campfollowers Guidelines found on their website: 
Mrs. Richard Still tends to one of the gardens at Fort Michilimackinac. 
             Our campfollowers are encouraged to develop backgrounds for their characters, to interpret the life of a campfollower, 
and to take part in our activities whenever appropriate. We want to keep our campfollowers involved in demonstrations and 
presentations just as the soldiers are. We encourage our campfollowers to develop historically accurate scenarios to take 
part in, such as: ration/pay calls, nurse duties, gardening, laundry, &c.

Mrs. Robert Still does laundry for the company at an event.


Some interpretation ideas for women:

Laundress / washerwoman


School-mistress / tutor






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