Winter Garrison Weekend - Scenario

 Winter Garrison Scenario.


The scenario for the Winter Garrison Weekend; is a British frontier garrison in New York along the Albany / Fort Niagara communication.  The years that we interpret are anywhere from 1759-1764. 

In 2012 we will interpret as if it were 1762.  In 1762, Canada has been in British hands for almost a year and a half, however tensions are growing between some of the Native Americans and the British and in western New York, the Seneca are particularly displeased with the British.  As early as the summer of 1761, it was reported that the Seneca were sending out wampum belts proposing a unified Native American attack against the British.  At Fort Detroit, Captain Donald Campbell of the 60th Royal American Regiment wrote to Major Walters of the same, Commandant of Fort Niagara; “I have sent you an Express with a very Important piece of Intelligence, I have had the good fortune to discover, I have been lat’ly alarmed with Reports of the bad Designs of the Indian nations against his place and the English in General…they have Sent belts of wampum and deputys to all the nations from nova Scotia to the Illinois to take up the Hatchet against the English…there are now two chiefs of the Senecas in Wyandat town privately to Invite the nations here to a Councel.”


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