55th Regiment, Compy. of Light Infantry (1759-1764)

We Are 

The Light Infantry Company of the 

55th Regiment (1759-1764)

Based in the upper midwest, primarily Wisconsin, we strive to accurately protray light infantrymen of the time period and the 55th regiment. We focus not only on our uniforms and battles, but the daily life of the soldier.

We started in the fall of 1999, with our first event in August of 2000 at Fort Meigs. We have had members attend re-enactments as big as Fort Ticonderoga's and Fort Niagara's grand encampments, the Grand Encampment at Daniel Boone's homestead in Pennsylvania, and smaller ones in Wisconsin and Minnesota. 

Many of our members enjoy historical trekking and our unit tries to put an emphasis on that part of the hobby, so that we can achieve a greater understanding of the time period.


Welcome to "The Two Fives" Compy. of Light Infantry (1759-1764) website.

This site is not a completed work, it will continuously be udpated and improved, please come back often to see our changes.  We hope you find our website informative and interesting.  Be sure to check all the links, as there are a lot of pages not on the main navigation.

Recently, we have combined with the 80th Regiment of Light Armed Foot, Balfour's Company to form The Corps of Light Troops.   Our groups have been forming together at events for several years and have similar philosophies on re-enacting, the creation of a Corps of Light Troops allows to be one unit at events, yet still maintain our individual identities.  It also opens the door to additional portrayals of light infantrymen from other regiments, rangers, and cadets / volunteers in the army.

Site updated:


2016 Event Schedule added.

Updated required clothing to field with the 55th Regt, Compy. of Light Infantry.


Gallery at Shutterfly updated. (Crown Point, Ticonderoga, Fort Ontario, Fort Stanwix, Fort Klock, Fort Johnson, Johnson Hall, and Rogers' Rock.)


*   Links (added The Corps of Light Troops, Fort Ticonderoga - Gage's Lightly Armed Foot, and the 35th Regiment - 1757.)

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