55th Regiment, Compy. of Light Infantry - Uniforms



Getting Started:

Uniforms & Accoutrements.


Here is a list of the basics needed to get started.  Before purchasing any items please contact a member, to see if the items conforms to unit specifications.  We understand that getting involved in re-enacting can be expensive, and we all have started there at some point, the group does have many loaner items available for those interested.


ShoesIt is encouraged that members try to get period buckle shoes as soon as possible, but plain black, leather dress/casual shoes are acceptable while in “trial” period / first year.  Suppliers for shoes are Jas. Townsend and Sons. and Fugawee Shoes


Stockings, white, natural, or gray wool Not very necessary, as your lower legs are always covering by leggings.  Cost varies depending on whether you buy wool or cotton.

*Green wool leggings – Required upon joining.  These are easily made (if you are not handy sewing, Corpl. Still makes them) and only require purchase of material.  $15-40 for about a yard of wool, that can be used for your regimental facings.  These are tied with scrap madder red cloth.

*Breeches, unbleached linen or red woolMadder red wool it preferred, natural linen is allowed. 


*Shirt, white linen or checked white and blue/black – These can be bought or made.  Linen is preferred, but cotton is acceptable.  Most members eventually get one of each.

Black Neckstock – Men rarely went out without a neckstock, carvat, or neckerchief.  These are made easily.  Otherwise can be purchased.  The neckstock clasp we use is available from Najecki Reproductions.

*Sleeved and cuffed regimental waistcoat – The light infantry of the 55th Regt. took the sleeves from their Regimental coat and sewed it their waistcoat, creating a sleeved waistcoat.

*Jockey CapThese were made from the cocked (tricorn) hat, for better use in the woods.  The unit has a pattern for making these. 

*Belt and frog of leather – You can make your own or purchase one from The Discriminating General.  Must be tan or buff coloured, no white or black ones.


*Cartridge box, waist – Unit provides for cost of $10, or can lend to member for first year, you can make your own.

*Land pattern musket or lightinfantry/carbine – Preferred is the light infantry carbine available from Loyalist Arms.  Long Land Pattern Bess or 2nd model brown bess are acceptable.

Sleeveless regimental coat – Not needed until after first year.  Madder red wool, green wool, buttons, leather for ball pockets.

Cartridge pouchThese can be made or ordered (The Discriminating General).  A hunting pouch is acceptable for new members.

Blanket - white, British army surplus blankets with GR and broad arrow, or purchase one from Rob Stone.

Tumpline - Made of webbing.  Make your own or contact Corpl. Still or Pvt. Still to purchase one.

*haversack – Make your own or purchase from Najecki Reproductions or from Corpl. Still.  The haversack is used to carry rations.


walletMade from natural linen.  Make your own or purchase one.

*Canteen, covered with green wool – It is recommended that one purchases the stainless steel kidney canteen, but tin is more correct.  Tin requires more care, which is difficult when covered with wool cloth. 

Powder horn – Powder horn prices vary.

*Minimum items necessary to field at an event.





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