Activities - The Light Infantry Skills Encampment

Light Infantry Skills Encampment


the Captain of the light infantry spares no pains to form his company, and render them expert for any kind of service…."

- Lieut. John Knox


          Every year our group holds our Light Infantry Skills Encampment.  This is a private event where we on the skills of the light infantryman.  Our encampment is set up as an advanced guard or out-guard camp, and we work on the various ways that these camps were fortified.  While each year we work on some new skills as well as review others.  Some of the various skills that we have worked on include; out-centry duty and procedures, street firing, slinging arms, patrolling & scouts, observation exercises, marksmanship, cooking rations, "bush fighting" tactics, shelter building, and more. 


Corpl. Still & Pvt. Still practice irregular fire

at the 2005 Light Infantry Skills Encampment. 


Pvt. MacDougall fires at Marks during the 2007 Light Infantry Skills Encampment.


Pvts. Killich & Still haul a log, to place on our log wall fortification

during the 2008 Skills Encampment.


Pvts. Wick & Still take to a "tree" during a patrolling exercise

during the 2010 Light Infantry Skills Encampment. 


Corpl. Still & Pvt. Still take a knee during halt while on patrol at the 2006

Light Infantry Skills Encampment.

Pvt. Nail (80th Regt. Light Armed Foot), Pvt. Billings (Tute's Compy. of Rogers Rangers), and Pvt. Blackwood (55th Regt. Compy. of Light Infantry) stop while on patrol, taking a knee and placing the butt of their firelock on the ground beside their right knee as ordered by Col. Bouquet during the 2012 Light Infantry Skills Weekend.

At the 2016 Light Infantry Skills Encampment, Soldiers practice reacting to an ambush, by forming a single rank front and utilizing the alternate fire, as taught to troops by Colonel Bouquet.

Pvt. S. Still stands beside his brush shelter that he built and slept in during the 2016 Light Infantry Skills Encampment.


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