Standing Orders for Events.


·       Camp furniture and baggage must be appropriate, kept to a minimum, extra superfluous equipment must be kept out of sight.

·       Period dress is required in camp and at the event at all times.

·       Non-period items must be kept out of sight at all times.  Exclusions: cameras, recruiting literature for the public, other voted upon articles.

·       Military discipline will be observed.

·       The “Daily Routine” will be observed and followed as closely as possible.

·       A Roll of the company will be done every morning by the Corporal or senior most Private.

·       General Orders will be read every day at events.

·       Firelocks will be cleaned every morning and after every action.  Only period cleaning techniques are to be used at events.

·       Soldiers are to turn out to the first parade in full marching order, & firelocks cleaned unless, specified other wise in General Orders or by the Non-commissioned officer in charge.

·       A safety inspection will be done every morning at the first parade.

·       Most meals will be prepared by messes, using appropriate recipes and foods.

·       Beards, goatees, mustaches, are not allowed at events.  A few days growth is acceptable and winter events a short beard may be allowed.


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