Activities - Presentations




"Mr. Seidemann does an excellent job of bringing to life the experiences 

of an 18th Century British foot soldier in North America.  

Our students really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with his hands-on presentation."

- Dan Stenz, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Sheboygan Area School District.       

     Our unit has done presentations for schools and the REI camping store in Brookfield, WI.  We have focused our presentations on an overview of the British soldier’s life in the French and Indian War.  Our members are particularly knowledgeable in the development of the light infantry and the British’s adaptations to fighting in North America.  We talk about the various forces, battles, forts, &c.  The presentation at REI, we primarily talked about historical trekking.  If your school or organization is interested in having us do a presentation, please contact Corpl. Still.


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